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Marcia Portnoy, Author Signing of "After Tono's Party"

December 16th - 1 to 3 pm

Set in Woodstock, IL, Portnoy has crafted a novel demonstrating how, in the drama of everyday life, comedy, tragedy and farce often travel hand in hand in hand. 

Do you know the Reed family? Cara and Haskell and their adorable little son, Tono, live in a beautiful old Victorian on Jefferson Street, not far from the Woodstock Square. He writes for a major Chicago newspaper. She holds an executive position at a neighborhood bank. Both are deeply involved in the civic life of this all-American town. And every year on the Fourth of July they celebrate Tono's birthday with a big party. It's a day-long event of barbecue, backyard games, cake and presents followed by a picnic supper at Emricson Park and, after dark, the spectacular fireworks show. Ask people in Woodstock what a happy family looks like, and they might very well point to this one. Except a peek behind the curtain would reveal that something with this couple is definitely amiss...


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