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Author Laura Caldwell

Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00 pm

*Rescheduled from April 12th. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Stories of the wrongfully convicted are brought to life in collaboration with best-selling mystery and thriller writers in this harrowing anthology, edited by Laura Caldwell and Leslie S. Klinger.


Long thought to be statistical anomalies in an otherwise sound justice system, wrongful convictions happen with frightening regularity through advances in technology and dogged investigation. Nonetheless, very few people understand just how they happen, and more importantly, the consequences. Now the groundbreaking anthology Anatomy of Innocence tells the incredible true stories of over a dozen innocent men and women who were convicted of serious crimes and cast into the maw of a vast and deeply flawed American criminal justice system before eventually, miraculously being exonerated. Here, each “exoneree” is paired with a high-profile mystery and thriller writer (including Lee Child, Sara Paretsky, Laurie King, S.J. Rozan, Brad Parks and others) to produce a unique collaboration.  By partnering master storytellers with exonerees and their incredible narratives, and with reflections from Barry Scheck and Scott Turow, two of the most learned lawyers and legal scholars in the world, Anatomy of Innocence presents the tragedy of wrongful convictions like never before.


Proceeds from Anatomy of Innocence will benefit Life After Innocence, a program which aids persons wrongfully convicted.




Eugene V. Debs and The Fight for Free Speech in WWI

Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00 pm

McHenry County Historical Society, 6422 Main Street, Union, IL


The talk explores an important legacy of World War One, the fight for civil liberties waged by those who worked to free American socialist leader Eugene Debs from prison. In 1919 Debs was sentenced to 10 years in prison for speaking against the U.S. decision to join the fighting in Europe. The incident sparked a national debate over the meaning of the First Amendment and the government’s power to silence its critics. The fight to free Debs raised fundamental questions about the balance between individual liberty and national security, and helped to expand the right to protest against war ever since.


Freeberg’s lecture is drawn from his award-winning book, Democracy’s Prisoner: Eugene V. Debs, The Great War, and the Right to Dissent. Ernest Freeberg is the History Department Head at the University of Tennessee and a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians. Read Between the Lynes will be on hand selling books at the event.

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On Saturday, April 29th, join us for a day of giveaways, specials, exclusive products and a whole lot of fun!


Welcome Back, Charile Donlea!

Moderated by Mary Kubica

Saturday, April 29th at 2:00 pm

Charlie Donlea, one of the most original new voices in suspense, returns with a haunting novel, laden with twists and high tension, about two abducted girls one who returns, one who doesn't and the forensics expert searching for answers.


Nicole Cutty and Megan McDonald are both high school seniors in the small town of Emerson Bay, North Carolina. When they disappear from a beach party one warm summer night, police launch a massive search. No clues are found, and hope is almost lost until Megan miraculously surfaces after escaping from a bunker deep in the woods.


A year later, the bestselling account of her ordeal has turned Megan from local hero to national celebrity. It's a triumphant, inspiring story, except for one inconvenient detail: Nicole is still missing. Nicole's older sister Livia, a fellow in forensic pathology, expects that one day soon Nicole's body will be found, and it will be up to someone like Livia to analyze the evidence and finally determine her sister's fate.

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