Upcoming Events

 Poetry Reading with Diana Floress and Gene Kimmett

Join Diana Floress, author of "Whispers of Love: Poetry from the Heart", and Gene Kimmet, author of "Recollections of My Father" for a poetry reading here at Read Between the Lynes.

Saturday, April 11th at 2 pm

Book Release and Signing for Scratch the Surface by Josh Stevens
  Deuce Walsh is a former gangster trying to keep his past hidden in the middle of nowhere Midwest. Seven years ago, his colleagues—The Chianti Brothers—made a power play and left him for dead. He survived, but had to leave everything behind and start from scratch with a new identity.

But when his brother-in-law Colm, a degenerate gambler and wannabe wiseguy, gets himself into trouble, Deuce is brought back into the life of crime and finds himself helping Colm pay off a debt to the very people who tried to have him killed in the first place.
Come and join us in celebrating former employee Josh Stevens' new book at the Main Street Pour House, 214 Main Street. Woodstock on April 28th at 7:00 pm.