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Just inside the front door of Read Between the Lynes stands a wonderful model of the Opera House that holds the most marvelous treats from Jaci's Cookies. Ranging from holiday cookies and bars to fanciful shapes like butterflies and birds, there's a sweet for every taste. And tucked around the books and cards, there are traditional flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter and wonderful brownies.

Grab a cookie the next time you stop in a for a book - it's the perfect compliment for a good read.



 Jaci's Cookies





Photos © Robin F. Pendergrast Photography, Inc. 




Acrylic nightlights feature the spectactular photography of Robin F. Pendergrast.

Product description information:

  • Image area 3.7" x 3"
  • Uses standard night lite bulbs
  • Plug fits North American sockets
  • Fully encased housing
  • Plug rotates to accommodate any outlet
  • U/L listed and approved