The Silent Knight (Paperback)

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Joel is an elementary-aged boy, who loves sports, his friends, and of course, cookies. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact, fresh from the oven, with milk. Joel has started a new school year and with it came new emotions. Emotions that Joel did not recognize or know how to communicate with his parents. His family was the same, his friends were the same, and he even stayed on the same soccer team. He will be in the same school building, just a grade older. Joel had developed a fear, fear of the unknown, future, and failure. He did not know where it came from or what it was but he knew he felt heaviness in his heart and stomach at school. He knows Jesus is bigger than the anxiety that he feels, but he is not sure how to overcome the heaviness that sits in his stomach. One night while spending some time with his dad, Joel has an idea, an idea that will change his life forever...

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ISBN: 9781098033385
ISBN-10: 1098033388
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 24
Language: English