Emotional Eating SOS! (Paperback)

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This book is for anyone who wishes to live and eat without feeling burdened by the body, including those who have ever purged after eating too much because they couldn't manage safe boundaries around consumption. This is for anyone who wants to understand why, despite finding success in other areas of life, they still wind up feeling powerless around food. And it's for those who wake up morning after morning and ask themselves, despairingly, Why did I let myself do that again?Have you noticed that two major facets of our society, food and physical attractiveness, are unavoidably interdependent? Yet, in our culture, they betray each other constantly.I put this material together in honor of those of you who have spent your lifeblood - your thoughts, your emotions, your energy, your efforts, your resources, and your time - wrestling with the conundrum of food and body image in our culture. Part nurturer, part enemy, food has been a source of great puzzlement for you. Emotional eating and poor body image have cast a dark shadow over your life for too long.I hope that this book will help release you from the social myths and toxic behaviors that have robbed joy, health, and freedom from the fabric of your life experience. It is my sincerest wish that you gain clarity and freedom from this conundrum once and for all You are my sisters and my brothers, and I love you Natalia.
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ISBN: 9781450730174
ISBN-10: 1450730175
Publisher: Rose Program
Publication Date: August 1st, 2010
Pages: 122
Language: English