Your Pets' Secret Lives: The Truth Behind Your Pets' Wildest Behaviors (Your Hidden Life) (Hardcover)

Your Pets' Secret Lives: The Truth Behind Your Pets' Wildest Behaviors (Your Hidden Life) By Eleanor Spicer Rice, Rob Wilson (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Eleanor Spicer Rice, Rob Wilson (Illustrator)
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From poop-eating pups to supersmooth spy snakes, get a glimpse of our pets’ amazing secret lives with this funny and fact-filled exposé!

Butt-sniffing dogs. Terrified tarantulas. Canaries with invisible force fields? Yep—it turns out our pets experience the world in totally different ways than we do. Unlock some of your nonhuman family members’ wildest behaviors in this hilarious (and sometimes shiver-worthy) illustrated guide to their secret lives, complete with exciting interviews with the scientists who research them. From fierce hamster stink wars to the hidden wild side of Bubbles the goldfish, who knew there was so much more to understand about our furry and scaly friends? Back matter includes websites for do-it-yourself research, a bibliography of real studies and scientists, a glossary, and even some how-to-draws (how about tapeworms high-fiving on a poop rocket?). Bold, playful illustrations and witty text combine in this delightfully fun and gross page-flipper from the team behind Your Hidden Life: Unseen Jungle.

About the Author

Eleanor Spicer Rice, PhD, is an entomologist and the author of many nonfiction books, including Your Hidden Life: Unseen Jungle and Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Spiders. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, sons, dogs, hermit crabs, an assortment of spiders and insects, and a small but valiant flock of homing pigeons.

Rob Wilson is an award-winning illustrator and celebrated graphic designer who has created work for the Washington Post, New York magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, and the covers of best-selling books. He is the illustrator of Your Hidden Life: Unseen Jungle and the creator of the icon for the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale. Rob Wilson’s work has been featured in galleries in London and New York City, where he lives.

Praise For…

Memorable facts combined with delightful, full-color spot art will sustain readers’ interest. Four insightful interviews with a diverse group of researchers and experts interspersed throughout the text describe surprising breakthroughs and insights and different personal paths to careers in science. The author mixes humor with scientific data, delivering an entertaining and informative guide that will pique readers’ interest in learning more about the animals we share our homes with. An engaging, fact-filled book that offers both laugh-out-loud and aha moments.
—Kirkus Reviews

Once you open Your Pets’ Secret Lives, you’ll be hooked. You’ll laugh so hard you snort. You’ll also learn the amazing science of what’s happening inside your house, outside in your backyard—and inside your pet. Who knew poop was so marvelously complex? And such an indispensable delicacy for your pet rabbit? Entomologist Eleanor Spicer Rice introduces young readers to the fascinating and weird biology and behavior of some of our most popular pets, from cats and canaries to . . . tarantulas. Your Pets’ Secret Lives is deeply informative, utterly surprising—and hilarious. Rob Wilson’s whimsical, spot-on illustrations are the perfect accompaniment.
—Cat Warren, New York Times bestselling author of What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World
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ISBN: 9781536226478
ISBN-10: 1536226475
Publisher: MIT Kids Press
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Your Hidden Life