The PCOS Diet (Paperback)

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It can be very frustrating to find out that it is about three times as difficult to lose weight with PCOS.

That's right, in one side-by-side study, two groups of women given the exact same calorie-restrictive diet achieved completely different weight loss results, one group averaging about three times as much fat loss as the other. The difference between the two groups? One contained women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

So does this mean those of us with PCOS should throw in the towel? The answer couldn't be farther from this. Countless women with PCOS have now achieved dramatic weight loss, some even becoming completely symptom-free, through a specific, targeted set of diet techniques proven to be effective for women with PCOS in a way that standard dieting could almost never achieve.

If you have tried and failed at dieting before, there is a good chance you were using a diet that was not designed specifically for you

This book aims to remedy that problem.

Whether you are overweight, obese, or within a nominal weight range, changing the way you eat to specifically combat PCOS can significantly increase your chances of completely restoring your fertility and eliminating persistent symptoms, while helping you achieve weight loss if necessary.

Exploring many new techniques related to what you eat, while borrowing from existing diets to make finding recipes for your favorite PCOS friendly foods easy, this volume will help you unlock your potential for a better life.

Inside, you will find:

  • How reducing one specific type of food can cut certain symptoms in half
  • How to determine if insulin resistance is a large part of your problem
  • Superfoods that specifically target androgens to help eliminate male-hormone issues such as unwanted hair growth
  • How to hack the glycemic index to eat more of the foods you love
  • Which anti-inflammatory foods can help alleviate symptoms by up to 61% on their own
  • A refreshing attitude and mindset approach to dieting that can be the key to your success
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly options
  • A comprehensive and complete guide to supplements and medications
  • What food choices give you the best chance of achieving pregnancy

Remember that your results in the past with dieting, however unencouraging they may have been, are not a good predictor of what you are capable of achieving when finally armed with the right set of diet information designed for you. Take control of your weight and your fertility the right way and watch the pounds and symptoms disappear, Scroll up and add this book to your cart

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