My Adolescent Cat's Health Records: What I Need to Track and Remember (Paperback)

My Adolescent Cat's Health Records: What I Need to Track and Remember By Mary Jean Simpson Cover Image
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At about 8 to 10 months, cats have completed most of their physical development. They are considered an adolescent. Expect changes in your kitten during this time. One day you have a disarmingly cute kitten, the next you're living with a lanky teenage cat who has decided it's time to make is mark on the world-literally. Your cat's scratching, marking, yowling, yearning to be free. Suddenly your adorable kitten is really hard to live with. In your "My Adolescent Cat's Health Record/What I Need to Track and Remember" journal you can record all of the important information your need to keep track of like -Vaccination and microchip information -Veterinarian and clinic information and records -Emergency contact information -Daycare and overnight care information -Food, medications, allergies -Notes from Veterinarian visits and questions to ask -Information common problems and on choosing a Veterinarian -Pages for photos, scrapbook/bullet journal pages -More You can create an excellent health record journal for your adolescent cat. This is not only a valuable resource for use now and for reference during the lifetime of you cat. Also, your photos and notes about special things during kittenhood will be a wonderful treasure of memories to look at time and time again As a companion to "My Adolescent Cat 's Health Records/What I Need to Track and Remember" journal, you may be interested in my What I Learned from My breed or type] Cat series published at You can find almost all cat breeds and most types (i.e. calico, tabby, and so on). You can also find my other life-stages cat health journals--Adolescent, Adult, Middle-aged, and Senior Cats--at

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Mary Jean Simpson has been fascinated by the beauty and magic of words, music, and the arts as long as she can remember. Her varied careers as a professional musician, a university professor--first in music and later teaching Professional Writing, and a writer and editor, have provided wonderful opportunities to utilize these fully. Continuously learning and seeking and providing ways to help others have played an important role on her life as an educator and writer. Knowing the value of writing and recording one's thoughts and ideas, she has published a number of journals and planners on a variety of topics. These can be found at Living in a variety of places and interacting with many people has been an invaluable contribution to her life's experiences. Her many years of being owned by dogs and cats has allowed her to not only enjoy their unconditional love, but to participate in various dog sports. She has also been an avid hiker and cross-country skier. Life truly is grand!
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