Instant Insights: Mite pests in agriculture (Paperback)

Instant Insights: Mite pests in agriculture By Oscar E. Liburd, Rebecca A. Schmidt-Jeffris, R. Srinivasan Cover Image
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This collection features four peer-reviewed literature reviews on mite pests in agriculture.

The first chapter offers a holistic approach to integrated mite management by reviewing the basics of mite taxonomy and morphology. It studies the key plant mite families, focussing on major plant feeding mites (Tetranychidae, Tarsonemidae, Eriophyoidea), as well as the natural predators that regulate these mite populations.

The second chapter explores the cultural, biological and chemical control tactics available for controlling major plant feeding mites. These tactics include: choosing tolerant varieties and weed management. The chapter concludes with a discussion on the debate surrounding the best form of control for mite pests in agriculture.

The third chapter highlights the importance of understanding the bio-ecology of Tetranychidae species affecting tomato crops, including the two-spotted spider mite, carmine spider mite and red spider mite. The chapter considers the effects of each pest on tomato plants, as well as how best to control them.

The final chapter details the ecology of mite pests affecting wheat that belong to the Eriophyoidea family, such as gall mites and wheat curl mites. The chapter discusses the various forms of control for managing Eriophyid mites, as well as the development of new resistant varieties of wheat.

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