Blueberry Pie Elf (Hardcover)

Blueberry Pie Elf Cover Image
By Jane Thayer, Seymour Fleishman (Illustrator)
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One day the people who live with Elmer, who was a little elf, baked a blueberry pie. The minute Elmer had a chance he jumped right into that rich, melting pie and ate till his elfin stomach bulged. It was delicious, and Elmer wanted another one right away. But nobody can see an elf, or hear an elf, or feel an elf, so none of his people knew he was trying to tell them something. Then, when Elmer was unhappily sampling cherry pie, he had an inspiration But, dear reader, we can't give the ending away. Let's just say that Elmer's ingenious solution satisfied his craving for blueberry pie, and being a polite elf, he thanked his people. Elmer hs been the most appealing and industrious elf around for nearly fifty years, and he'll continue to delight children for generations to come. Seymour Fleishman's charming illustrations transform our familiar household world into the tiny world of elves.
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ISBN: 9781930900387
ISBN-10: 1930900384
Publisher: Purple House Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2008
Pages: 32
Language: English