The Pussy Detective (Paperback)

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A surreal Blacksploitation joint for the 21st Century.
An Occult, Erotic Mystery bout Reverend Daddy Hoodoo helping his Wommin find their Lost-R-Missing Pussies with the help of the extraordinary Madam X. Featuring heartless gangsters, Vodoo sex Magick, and a young Wommin in distress by the name of Abysinnia who is in desperate need of the services of Daddy Hoodoo. This tale leads from Between the Sheets to the Streets to the Boardroom Suites- and Beyond.

About the Author

"I cum outta The South, by way of Louisiana and Tennessee. Life has Turned Me into A Savage Writer of Black Pulp Fiction, Black Exploitation, Black Folklore and Black Occult Erotica. Gritty Shit that makes You wanna Laff/Cry/Scream or Fuck. RUMOR has it I was born from The last Nut in My Daddys Sack. And came into this world when HE came. Needless to say/My Birth was Traumatic. Thus, I arrived here with an Attitude. The Doctor Slapped Me and I Slapped Him Back. And So my Journey began. To Find Myself." - DuVay Knox
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ISBN: 9781955904131
ISBN-10: 1955904138
Publisher: Clash Books
Publication Date: February 8th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English