Rawvolutionist: Raw Vegan Reinvented For People Who Love Their Food And Celebrate Eating (Paperback)

Rawvolutionist: Raw Vegan Reinvented For People Who Love Their Food And Celebrate Eating By Aurora Ray Cover Image
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How To Make The Most Delicious Gourmet Raw Food In Under 10 Minutes Without Complicated Recipes Or Fancy Ingredients And Avoid Leaving A Mess In The Kitchen Behind

AURORA RAY's personal story started with being unhealthy, unhappy and overweight herself and eventually losing her father to cancer made her pursue an adventurous health-food journey traveling through different continents. She took so many nutrition and food classes that she finally turned into such a great chef she was offered to host her own cooking show on TV. But cooking food for hours until it was devoid of all vital nutrients exhausted her and after numerous events, she changed her diet overnight and began to eat only raw vegan food. Being someone who loves their food and celebrates eating this lifestyle felt bland and depressing to her. So, she deep dived into the culinary art of gourmet raw food cuisine and one decade later she became the master of this art.

With scrumptious recipes, basic ingredients and stunning food photography this book opens up a brand new world of healthy raw food that is effortless to prepare, candy to the eyes and a celebration for the taste buds.


Raw vegan versions of everyone's favorite food.
Time and experience have proven that even husbands, boyfriends and children enjoy these delicious recipes.

The recipes use international measurements, both cm and inch, cups and spoons

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ISBN: 9783982116006
ISBN-10: 3982116007
Publisher: Aurora Ray Books
Publication Date: August 5th, 2019
Pages: 214
Language: English