Woe 1: 2038 - 2048 (Paperback)

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Get ready to experience one of the most compelling, emotional novels you have ever read In WOE 1: 2038-2048, Nathan Scott has pinned out a big picture of what five End-Time events-which would have sweeping effects on the entire globe-could possibly look like. However, according to biblical prophecy, these events, described as "the first woe" in the book of Revelation, will come true Can you imagine these effects happening worldwide? - Decimated food supply- Stock market backlash and international conflict- Sea and human life lost at alarming rates- Wormwood in the water system affecting many people; many will not survive- Elements smitten across the globe, causing chaos- Violent locust attacks on humanity, causing suicide attempts with no success. Scientist and minister Michael T. Lathan Jr. and scientist Rina Adelstein team up with a, US Geological Survey program coordinator/volcanologist, prominent clergies, and world leading scientists to try and come up with answers as to why this series of bizarre, destructive events are suddenly happening worldwide. All while Michael and Rina try to navigate their unavoidable attraction to each other. In breathtaking detail, WOE 1: 2038-2048 author Nathan Scott explores those End-Time events, portraying the consequences that humanity will suffer because of constant disregard of the two greatest mandates given by God: that we should prove our love of Him by loving Him and loving one another unconditionally.
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ISBN: 9798985687002
Publisher: Blesscott Company, LLC
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English