Local Author Program


Read Between the Lynes is proud to support local authors through our consignment program.


Consignment is available to local self-published authors and small publishers whose books are not available through our distributors at standard terms. The main factors that determine whether or not we will carry a book are local interest, production quality, season, and shelf space. Books must be perfect bound with the title printed on the spine.


Please complete the application below and return it to the bookstore either physically or through email to rbtl.authors@gmail.com.



  1. FEE: Consignment is labor intensive — creating accounts, tracking sales, managing stock and issuing payment must be done for each consigned author. Recognizing this, Read Between the Lynes collects a non-refundable, one time service fee of $15 cash per title or $16 with a credit card.

  2. TERM: Read Between the Lynes will stock books on consignment for six months.

  3. SALES: For sold books, the consignor will receive 60 % of the retail price (set by the consignor), and Read Between the Lynes will retain 40%.

  4. PAYMENT: Sales are calculated during our consignment review periods three times a year (January, May, and September). At the end of each review period, the consignor will receive a check for retail sales during that period.

  5. PROCESS: At the end of the six months, Read Between the Lynes will contact the consignor to arrange for payment of sold books, return of unsold books, or renewal of the consignment contract. Any postage or shipping fees are the responsibility of the consignor. If books are not picked up within 30 days of the end of the contract, books become the property of the bookstore and may be donated or destroyed.

  6. LIABILITY: Read Between the Lynes is not financially responsible for lost or stolen books.