Preschool Bundle


Preschool BundleThis bundle is packed with educational and fun activities for preschoolers! Welcome to the Symphony is a unique, interactive introduction to the world of classical music. It features a 19-button sound panel, including the beginning of Symphony No. 5, the melody, the harmony, the sounds made by a violin, a viola, a cello, a double bass, and more. Looking for more outdoor activities? Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail is your perfect companion for learning what to look and listen for in nature. And if you have an animal-loving, sticker fanatic in your household, EyeLike Stickers: Animals is sure to become a new favorite. EyeLike Stickers are the freshest, most vibrant sticker books on the market with 400 high-quality photographic stickers in each book – and all of the stickers are reusable!

Price: $44.85