share books, support your local bookstore!

What is #ReadIndieForward?

#ReadIndieForward is a pay-it-forward movement of readers supporting independent bookstores by gifting books to friends and family. Participating is fun, simple, and easy:

  • Buy a book from your favorite independent bookstore and send it to a loved one
  • Post to social media that you #ReadIndieForward by gifting a book to a loved one
  • Tag the person receiving the book, tag the independent bookstore you bought the book from, and use #ReadIndieForward

Encourage your friends and family to #ReadIndieForward too!


Why #ReadIndieForward? Independent bookstores are a community hub, a center for discovery, a portal to other worlds. They connect us through stories, author events, and the perfect book recommendation. Now, because of COVID-19, independent bookstores need you as much as you have always needed them.


Support independent bookstores by sharing your favorite thing in the world—books!—with your loved ones. Join #ReadIndieForward today.